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Free Health and Fitness Tips

We all can do simple things to improve our health. Here are 10 health and fitness tips which you can incorporate into your daily routine starting now.

10 Health and fitness tips

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Not drinking enough water leads to fatigue and a false sense of hunger. If you drink enough you’ll find it easier to maintain a healthy diet and a high energy level.

2. Sleep at least 7 hours each night. If our body doesn’t get enough sleep it works less efficiently throughout the day. Sleep is also the time when our muscles develop. Not sleeping enough makes us more prone to turn our calories to ugly fat instead of lean muscle tissue.

3. Stretch before bedtime. Stretching keeps the muscles, joints, and tendons fit and limber. It also reduces the chances of injury.

4. Reduce stress. Stress has many unwanted effects on the body: it leads to overeating, it disrupts the ordinary function of internal organs, it causes the eruption of skin blemishes and acne, and much more. Reducing stress will keep you more healthy and beautiful.

5. Reduce alcohol. Alcohol is rich in calories and sugar. It can wreak havoc on the liver and kidneys. I’m not saying stop drinking entirely, just limit it to social events and make sure not to go overboard.

6. Exercise 3 times a week at least. Exercising keeps our body lean and healthy. You need to engage in both strength and cardiovascular workouts and make sure to pay attention to every muscle group. You will not only look better, you will also feel better.

7. Quit smoking. Whether you’re smoking cigarettes or anything else, just stop. Smoking is one of the worst things for your health and fitness level. It practically harms every bodily system. It also turns your teeth yellow and may damage your skin and vocal cords. So just quit.

8. Do something which challenges your mind. The connection between mind and body is crucial to your health. Like any other body part, you need to exercise your brain in order to keep it at the top of its game. Whether you do that by reading a good book, solving a puzzle, taking a class, or whatever you feel like, keeping your brain in shape is a must.

9. Watch what you eat. Try to cut down the amount of trans fat, processed sugar and white carbs that you eat. Instead, eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, complex carbs, and lean protein like chicken or turkey.

10. Enjoy yourself. Having fun once in a while is very important. Make sure to have a good laugh once every day. It loosens you up, gets your blood flowing, releases tension and stress, and is just plain fun. It’s also very healthy.

Men’s Health and Fitness

When it comes to men’s health and fitness, America as a country is getting further and further behind the rest of the industrialized world. More men in the United States are overweight than any other country in the world, and it’s time we did something about it. Fortunately, there are a ton of options when it comes to losing weight. For example, there are plenty of gyms in cities across America. If you’re not a fan of getting all sweaty and gross in front of strangers, you can always order your own home gym or get a treadmill. Nowadays, you can even watch television programs and get fit! There are entire channels devoted only to giving you a trim figure.

If you want to learn more about men health and fitness, you could always start subscribing to a men’s magazine. In addition to having in depth consumer reports on various electronics and doodads, they also have health and wellness sections. From telling you the best times of the day to go running if you’re looking to increase your metabolism to showing you how to shape your triceps, men’s magazines have just about everything you could hope for.

If you’d like a more engaging kind of activity, you could hop online and check out some of the men health and fitness forums that are everywhere. These forums allow you to discuss men’s health issues in an anonymous fashion without the embarrassment of talking face to face with your primary care physician. They also can act as support groups, with everyone encouraging one another to stay on track in terms of diet and exercise. The only thing to remember when you’re dealing with forums, however, is that you can never be sure of who you’re talking to. Take all of the advice you get on the forums with a grain of salt, because the people may or may not know what they’re talking about.

Take Control of Your Health and Fitness

When is the last time you heard someone say, “Well, if you don’t have your health what do you have?” Can you relate to this sentiment? Can you take this sentiment to heart and embrace it? Maybe, for the rest of your life?

We all know and understand the idea that you can have all the money in the world; or, the perfect relationship; or, the perfect house – but, if you don’t have your health to go with it, then you may not be able to enjoy whatever it is that is so perfect. So, what’s the real message here? It’s simply to begin putting your health and fitness higher up on your list of priorities so that you don’t find yourself one day not able to enjoy what you have worked so hard your whole life for. And, by higher up on your list I mean very close to the top!

But, I can hear your objections now. I don’t have the time to do any more than what I am doing now. This obligation is more important. My boss won’t understand. My family needs me now. And, on and on. Look, you can give me all of the reasons in the world but you and I both know that your current situation is merely a manifestation of every decision that you have made up to this point, right? Even if you were not able to control certain things (e.g. disease that struck a relative, etc.) you still were not totally left with absolutely no control. So, your current situation, for the most part, is really just a result of past decisions that you have made. Well, if that is the case then don’t you think that you can begin to reverse your current situation by controlling your decisions going forward? Of course you can. You know it. And, I know it. No excuses.

Look at it like this peoples – you can give up control, but never responsibility for your life. It does not matter what is happening, who is in your life, or what you are going through – in the end, whether you choose to take the reins and take control of your life or not, you, and only you, are stuck with the consequences of your decisions. Period!

So, if you don’t want that future scenario to happen to you – do something about it! Talk to a trusted friend about it. Just don’t tell me you don’t have time. Make the time and do it now – take control of your health and fitness!

Look at taking control of your health and fitness as an investment of time and money. You see, health and fitness boils down to this – health is how you feel and fitness is how you perform. When you maximize your health and fitness you maximize how you feel and perform everyday. So, health and fitness is the basis for everything else you do in life. If you can prioritize now and get control of your health and fitness then once you do, you will be working on a totally different plane of energy, emotion, confidence, and self-esteem. And, when you start making decisions on this totally different plane you will truly be able to get everything you always wanted out of your life! Don’t think so? Try it!